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E3note: Bethesda

I think the main goal for Bethesda Softworks at E3 this year is to highlight the variety of things that we have coming up, and while E3 isn’t by any means an exhaustive list of our products in development, I do think this year will give folks a better sense of that than previous years where we may have only focused on a key title, like Fallout 3. Folks have always been very aware and keen on our internally developed products, like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3, but we want to bring more attention to our expanding lineup of third-party titles this year and some of the talented developers we are working with.

I guess key to that message is the reveal of a title we have been working on with the folks at Splash Damage for some time now, called Brink. We felt it was the right time to announce this game and start talking about some of the new and different things this game is bringing to the shooter space. I think folks will be impressed with what Paul Wedgewood and his team have come up with.

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